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The latest edition of the market's only HubSpot talent salary guide

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Since the last release of our salary guide, much has changed in the market, such as a growing acknowledgment of the HubSpot Admin and the evolution of the "quiet quitting" movement. 

In the re-release of this guide, we provide you with a breakdown of the following to remain competitive in today's MarTech market:

  • Market rates by career type -- backed by our data gathered through working with both companies and candidates.
  • A comparison of our polls to the HubSpot community and what it means when the community matches or doesn't match our ranges.
  • Information for employers on retention, how to talk to your team, and what to do if you are below market rates.
  • Information for employees on how to speak with your current company if you are below market rates

Career paths discussed in this edition include HubSpot Administrators & Technologists, Digital and Content Marketers, Revenue Operations, Solutions Architects & Implementation Specialists, and more!

Download the guide today, and remain subscribed to be the first to know when we release our latest project: the HubSpot Ecosystem Skills Guide 📖